faceMASQis a lifestyle brand that produces facial accessories. We supply premium masks that you want to be seen in. A high quality product that fits seamlessly in your wardrobe.

In 2005 I, Bart van den Bosch, started Vendiamo I Vestiti, in short ViV. What started as a job on the side had quickly grown to ViV Suits & Shirts; the succesful buisiness that it is today. The concept of ViV Suits & Shirts is rock solid. We offer the right balance between craftmanship, the perfect fit, premium fabrics and the personal attention that our clients appreciate so much.

With faceMASQ. we have combined our 15 years of experience in fabrics, the correct fit and comfort into the creation of THE perfect faceMASQ. which is an ectension of your outfit. If you are going to school in a hoodie with a cap, take our blackMASQ. If you're going to the office in a blouse or polo take our blue or pinkMASQ.

And,...not to be forgotten but very important, with every faceMASQ. purchased we donate € 1,- to healthcare professionals.

Stay safe & Stylish!


Bart van den Bosch, owner of ViV Suits & Shirts and faceMASQ.

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