I can't select a size, how do I know if my faceMASQ. will fit me?
The size is' one size fits all. The elastic bands are adjustable so that every faceMASQ can be adjusted to your size. Click here for an instruction on how to adjust the elastic bands.

Will I be able to breathe normally through the denimMASQ?
The MASQ's consists of 3 layers of fabric. With the denimMASQ only the top layer is made of Denim, the other 2 layers are made of 100% soft cotton. This ensures that the wear comfort is equal to the comfort of the other materials. Breathing is no problem.

The denimMASQ feels stiff, does it wear comfotably?
The denimMASQ is made of denim which is naturally a bit stiffer. By washing it and wearing it it will fit more comfortably and be as comfortable as the other faceMASQ's.

Can I add a filter to the faceMASQ?
No this is not possible. However the faceMASQ is reusable and washable at 60 degrees.

Is faceMASQ intended to be used for medical purposes?
No, the faceMASQ is not intended for medical use.

How safe is the faceMASQ?
The faceMASQ is not intended for medical purposes. It's intended as a first barrier against the spread of the corona virus. Even if you wear the faceMASQ always follow the guidelines of the RIVM (or your local center for disease control) and use the faceMASQ as it is stated in our guidelines. For more information please visit our page on weartips

Have there been tests conducted with the faceMASQ?
In a number of European countries there have been tests in which they try to blow out a candle whilst wearing a facemask. We have conducted this test with the faceMASQ and concluded that it is not possible to blow out a candle whilst wearing a faceMASQ

At what temperature should I wash my faceMASQ?
The faceMASQ can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius.

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